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2017 Events

Journey church goes back to Rwanda July 2017

We’ve just completed our latest successful trip to Kibungo, in Rwanda. Ps Terry Bradley, Samuel Whatarangi and Ellen Stevenson have returned from running a pastors and leaders conference. And visiting the school children in the Kibungo area.

One great testimony from the teaching series was when a pastor reported that what he learnt during the resolving conflict session, did prove to be an invaluable tool in solving a potential major problem!

There was always an electric buzz in the room when the breakout sessions were in progress. Pastors and spouses thrived in the open forums, ever eager to share their ideas and thoughts.

We were spoilt in the evenings by our hosts with lashings of the Rwandan cuisine, and for the two new missionaries, it was an eye-opening experience to life in a third world country, with first world generosity.

Once a very intense ministry trip was completed, the small team had a 24 hour lay over in Dubai, which enabled them to blend in and be refreshed by the locals. Mission accomplished Journey church! And thank you Lord for Your grace, protection and blessing upon our time there.

2016 Events

Nepal ( Oct - Nov )

Fiji Missions Trip

Nepal ( Jun )


2015 Events

Escape and Evasion + Limitless roughing it camp

2014 Events

Top Town for Schools

April 16th Journey hosted the Top Town for Schools at Centennial Park grounds as part of its contract with the Te Punanga Haumaru Fund to highlight awareness of the issue of cyber-bullying. Twenty two teams came from throughout the district to compete in a series of activities, races and challenges. We were supported by Population Health, the Police, and Sport Waikato, staff from Number Twelve, Schools, parents, and members of the community, plus our own people from Journey church. Great day, great article in the local paper too!

Amazing Race

Holiday program for April 2014; Journey churches Limitless holiday program was a tremendous success over the school's first term break. For three days over 90 youth attended the sports day at Te Kuiti High School, the 'Amazing Race' in the town's CBD, and travelled by bus to Auckland's 'Rainbow's End.' The kids were brilliantly behaved and the feedback from them was that they had great time and are looking forward to the next program!

Limitless Mountain Trip

Piopio College

Girl Power Camp

Youth Camp

2013 Events

Youth Calendar Pinups

Limitless Sport Day

Mahoenui Limitless Camp

2012 Events

Limitless Camp

Youth On The Go

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Youth Camp Onaero Bay

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