The Journey

Walking with God requires faith, hope and love


Journey church is a member of the New Zealand Assemblies of God movement. It has had a continual presence in Te Kuiti for over thirty years; twenty seven of those years have been in its current location at 10 Sheridan Street Te Kuiti. It began as a church in the early eighties and up until 2008 was known as the 'Waitomo Christian Fellowship.' It has also been referred to as 'the Lighthouse' and other times simply called 'the Fellowship.' However for the last six years it has been guided by its new name, 'Journey church'.

The renaming of the church to 'Journey' occurred for two keys reasons. The first was to reflect the spiritual dynamic that occurs when a believer places their trust in Jesus Christ as the author and finisher of their faith. As much as we like to feel that we are in total control of our destiny, walking with God requires faith, and a confidence that God who knows what is best for us, will on many occasions, reveal only that which we need to know for 'the now.' It also implies that we are willing to place our lives in the Masters hands, knowing that our Lord is fundamentally, and eternally good. He knows our short comings and weaknesses, and yet faithfully, and most graciously, He empowers, and inspires us to press on with Him, and become the person and people that He intended us to be!

The second reason for our name Journey is to recognize that we as a body of believers exist as a church in order to bring glory to God, and, through tangible means, bring positive change to the community, both local and international. Our name as a church declares that we not static, but are continually 'going' into our community, travelling beyond our own comforts and preferences, so that people might be reached with the life and love of God!

Our hope is that we can be that 'city on a hill,' and through the way we engage with our community, both individually and corporately, we can by God's grace, be a proof to the amazing reality of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.